Property owner

Are you a property owner in need of sales or development advise? Then Midvast is your deciding party. Our reputable network of brokers and advisors means we are equipped at providing the best possible advice, catered specifically for you. We aim to create lucrative opportunities for you at all stages of sale.

Are you in possession of a real estate portfolio that you are considering selling?

Our team will handle your options with discretion and professionalism and are flexible and fast. We are able to advise on your best possible options during sale of your portfolio all the way through to helping reinvest your capital after.

For any enquires please contact us.

Real estate agent

Are you a real estate agent or intermediary? Midvast is always looking for interesting, challenging projects and locations, both in Amsterdam and further afield. Whether it is monumental buildings, office spaces, an investment portfolio or just a single construction site; Midvast is known for its diversity and has a strong vision for potential projects and their success. Quick thinking and strong lines of communication within our organization mean we are able to assess a projects potential in short periods of time. Throughout the process of acquisition Midvast is generous with its brokerage compensations.

Feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities.