About us

Midvast has over 10 years of experience developing and managing projects throughout Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands. Our portfolio ranges from residential developments in monumental buildings throughout the city, commercial concepts outside the capital, to new building solutions further afield.

We pride ourselves on our exceptionally high level of finish! All of our developments provide the latest of technology and are up to date on the newest styles and trends. Whether it’s luxurious bathrooms finishes, the newest of kitchen appliances or simply keeping the history of a monumental building alive. Our attention to detail results in an optimal living experience in a unique building.

In addition to our vast portfolio of monumental renovations, we also develop office spaces, retail spaces, restaurants and hospitality developments. Our team is equipped to handling the unique challenges faced in all aspects of a building, providing creative solutions for each project.

Our collaborations with renowned architects, consultants and construction companies means each project is developed to the highest of standard. This standard is also reached through an emphasis on sustainable development in all stages of a project, from design to realization.